Mission, vision and values development

Clear mission and vision statements and core values which align with each other and with the culture and objectives of your business can play a key role in keeping you on track for success as you grow and develop. They serve to remind you and your team of what you are working towards and why, and give your customers another reason to want to work with you and stay loyal to you.

At The Curious Companions we have first hand experience of developing these, both with established businesses needing to update ineffective vision and mission statements, and with startups looking to create a strong foundation on which to build their business from the outset.

We will work with you to understand what really drives you, and guide you on the path to creating vision, mission and values statements which resonate with you and your team and will stand the test of time.

Strategic review

A strategic review of an existing business is an essential part of planning for growth. Understanding where the business is now compared to where you want it to be, in the context of the internal and external factors that shape what is possible, gives you the platform you need to formulate a coherent plan. It is important to be objective and thorough to get the most out of this process; it is easy to be influenced by the way you have always done things, but this can mean that opportunities are missed.

There is a bewildering array of tools that can help you with this - including SWOT and PESTEL analysis, VRIO resource analysis, project mapping, blue ocean strategy and the business model canvas. The Curious Companions can help you to select the most appropriate combination of tools for your particular circumstances, and guide you through the strategic review, bringing an outside perspective to help you see your business differently.

Development of strategic plans

A clear strategic plan linked to your objectives and vision is an important part of building a resilient, successful business. It will allow you to prioritise and stay focussed on the things that are really important. A summarised and visual representation of this should be shared with your whole team, allowing everyone to understand the part they play in achieving the overall vision.

We understand that future planning can be difficult to fit in around the day-to-day needs of your business, so at The Curious Companions we provide tailored support to suit your needs, whether that's a few hours' friendly advice or hands-on support to design and implement your strategic plans.