We are The Curious Companions and we are driven by our purpose, vision, mission and values in everything we do


We exist to support inventors and entrepreneurs in the medical sector to overcome the challenges involved with bringing their ideas to market.


Our vision is for every life-changing medical device, service or technology to become a reality.


Our mission is to provide wraparound support to help small medical-sector businesses navigate the complex financial, commercial, strategic and regulatory environment and develop a sustainable and thriving business.


  • We are honest and open and seek to build long-term trusting relationships.

  • We care for each other and treat everyone we encounter with kindness.

  • We are passionate and excited about how we can help people.

  • We are always curious about the world and interested in other people.

  • We like to collaborate and put relationships at the heart of everything we do.

  • We embrace challenges and new ideas and never want to stand still.


We spend time with you to get to know you and your dreams and aspirations.

We work with you to understand your company and what you see as success.

We only work with businesses where we feel we can add value.

We use an open, honest approach to share our knowledge with you and help you grow your business to achieve your goals.

We build long term relationships with people who have similar business ethics.

We focus on bringing the best out of people by treating them fairly and as equals.

We feel that liking each other and enjoying each other's company is one of the most important things in building great working relationships.