Our vision is for every life-changing medical device, service or technology to become a reality. We help inventors and entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges involved with bringing their ideas to market, by supporting them with their finances, commercialising their idea, strategic planning and development of the business, and regulatory requirements including quality management.

Here are some of the ways we have helped our clients recently:

  • Assistant project managers for an Innovate UK grant project - our inclusion as assistant project managers reduced the project risk and helped to secure the funding.

  • Setting up a Quality Management System suitable for a Class 1 Medical Device - supported by funding from Innovate UK, SIGHT and UKRI

  • Providing business development support within a grant project to make sure both the business and product will be market-ready by the end of the project.

  • Preparing financial forecasts and holding a strategy session, allowing a small business to plan their growth strategy for the next year.

  • Supporting the above team to plan and implement the projects needed to deliver their chosen strategic plan.

  • Completing a financial review and making recommendations to help a small retailer better manage their finances and plan their growth. Supporting them to implement the necessary changes.

Are you a small medical sector business owner, entrepreneur or inventor wanting to start or grow your business but don't know how? Are you too busy day-to-day to focus on the future? Are you trying to fulfil roles outside of your expertise or searching for knowledge and experience that your business lacks? If so then contact us for a FREE one hour consultation.

The Curious Companions - who we are & what we do

With the help of Bluekite Creative, we have created this video where we talk about who we are, why we set up The Curious Companions and how we can help small businesses with finance, strategy, leadership and people management.

What our clients say about us...

“The Curious Companions have been vital in assisting me to move my medical device business forward. They have offered advice and support, empowering and giving me the confidence to succeed. I would 100% recommend The Curious Companions to anyone wanting to set up a MedTech business.”

Claire Narborough, OrthoPed

"I first met Emma and Dan in around 2016 when I was engaged through Southampton University to work with the company they were both part of at that time. We have subsequently gone on to work together on further projects. I have always found both Emma and Dan to be straightforward, insightful and supportive, and i value their practical help and advice given to me over the years. They are particularly good at tactfully telling me what I need to hear, even when it is not necessarily what I would like to hear. I can heartily recommend them as easy people to do business with for their ability and depth of knowledge in understanding my business."

Dr Rod Lane C.Eng MIET, Zelemiq

“It is one of the best business decisions I have made enlisting help from Emma and Dan from The Curious Companions. I have been looking for some business help for a few years now, I have spoken to a fair few people, all offering slightly different forms of support but never felt the fit was right.

Emma and Dan are so friendly, they make a real effort to fully understand the business, even one as unique as mine. Their combination of expertise is perfect allowing them to offer advice and support that is structured, specific and measurable.

They are certainly part of the extended Win family now and for that I am very grateful.”

Nicky Grant, The Win Clinic

"Three things stood out for me over the year or so that I worked with Dan and Emma. Firstly, their complementary strengths and skill set makes them particularly effective as a leadership team; they bring out the best in one another and make a strong and trusting partnership. Secondly, their commitment to ethics and values which underpins all their decisions. Finally, they are great at stakeholder management and create an inclusive culture."

Sarah Pryce, The Critical Friend